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How To Fix A Sagging Door

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How To Fix A Sagging Door


Once your home is built, it faces a lot of settlings due to the change in season with the passage of time. And let me tell you that it’s a common phenomenon that happens with all the houses; not only yours. 

Some of the major and most-common ones in this context are:

Well, the major problems that happen with almost all the houses once after building them include the shifting of the slights in the floorboards, creaking of the joints, or even the cracking of the drywall. 

You must remember that there are lots of things that can occur during the settling of your home as the times passes. For instance, let me tell you that the door jambs can get shifted making the door to keep sagging. And I’m sure this will surely irritate you and your family or even whoever enters your home. 

Well, truly speaking, I’ve also faced this many times; and to be frank, let me tell you that I’ve always found it to be really challenging to get rid of this disgusting problem whenever attempting to deal with it. With years of experience of getting a door installed and bearing the problem of a sagging door, I’ve also come to find some of the tips and tricks that can really help to fix a sagging door easily. 

Wanna find out those tips that can help you to fix a sagging door easily? Well, go through this text to its end to explore them all. 


I know it might seem to be a silly idea while hearing for the first time. But let me frankly tell you that the looseness or the tightness of the screws used to fix your door matters a lot. In fact, it all depends upon the jamb of the door; in which it sits; if it’s working well or not. 

You must always keep in your mind that the hinge of your door can easily get sagged if either its screw is not fixed well. Guess what further effect might it cause. 

No idea? 

Well, let me tell you. This will prompt your door to catch on its frame. 

You must always try to avoid this sort of incident to happen with your door. For this, you must always be sure that all the screws of your door-hinge are fixed tightly enough. This will surely help you to avoid the problem of getting your door hinges sagged. 

Still, if your door’s not working properly, you can easily try the next method that you want. 


If you want to keep your door in a proper-functioning state, you must always make sure that each of its parts is in good condition. In case if the screws of your door hinges seem loose or even if they are not being able to get enough bite into the frame of the door, this is the sign that you need to loosen your pockets. 

In very simple words to say, this is the sign that it’s the time that you need to replace the 1’’ screws with some other ones. Meanwhile, you need to be sure that the screw that you are gonna replace the present one with; is a bit more substantial. 

Better you could use a 2’’ or a 3’’ screw as this would help you to secure your door to a stud behind the jamb of the door. Having this done would help you fix the issue easily and with very little effort. 


Tried changing your screws out? Still no solution? 

Well, you don’t need to worry. You still have many other options to try. Guess one.

Try filling in the screw holes that are loose. You can try this method if the screws of your door have partially stripped-out of the hole. Also, you can do this if your screw isn’t getting enough bite. 

Use wood, glue, and toothpicks to get your job done. Guess why I’m suggesting to you so? 

Because doing so will allow you to get more friction with the door screw. 


You’re fed-up trying all the methods and it’s still not working; right? Well, I’ve another method to suggest to you – adjusting the door hinges. 

Yes, adjusting the door-hinges can make a lot of difference to the condition of your door. 

Using a hinge-shim comes to be a useful option to try when you have to extend a hinge from the wall instead of keeping it drawn-in. All that you need to do is just trace your door hinge over a piece of thin cardboard. The next; you need to cut the shape out in order to use it as a shim in your door jamb. 

Having this much done will end your task of fixing a sagging door. Meanwhile, you must also be sure not to use too much of a shim as it can worsen the problem instead of solving it. 


Now that you have tried-out all the options to fix a sagging door, I’m sure you’ve got your problem solved. Still, if the problem is hitting your head, you can try plaining the door. 

Yes, making the plane of the door is also found to be effective to get rid of a sagging door. Here, you just need to make the ends of your door plain. Guess what happens in doing so? 

Well, this will make it possible for the door to fit easily inside the jamb. Meanwhile, it can also cause some other problems if not done carefully – mostly in the case of modern doors. This is because of the modern doors and flimsy, too. 

Thus, experts better recommend not to plain the modern doors because doing so can cause more damage than the intended advantages. 

Now, that I’ve listed down all the methods of fixing a sagging door; I’m damn sure you’ve found out the most appropriate solution to fix the sagging of your door. Although, if you’re still struggling to get the work done, the experts at Lavo Facilities are always ready to help you with your Handyman Service in Beverly Hills CA. All that you need to do is give a call or fill-up the form. 

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