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Do you have fences around your home? 

If your home really has one, 

You might be very much eager to find out all the possible methods that could help you keep your fences in the condition.

I’m damn sure that you love the look that your fence had when installing for the first time – unique and attractive. Am I right? 

Of course, yes. 

Moreover, if the primary purpose behind getting your property fenced is to provide it with a better level of security, then whenever you talk about getting a fence installed, there might be one thing playing all the time in your mind, Guess what? 

The security and the age of your fences. 

In this context, a wood fence, despite adding great value to the beauty and security of your home, usually lasts for approximately 15 years only.

That’s the total time duration through which you can keep your house decorated with the attractive fences which you installed once. 

However, if you take proper care of those fences and if you get them inspected from time-to-time, it can assure the safety of your fences to somehow a better level. 

Here, in this blog, I’ve collected some of the best tips to help you improve the fences that you have installed spending a valuable amount. Keep reading)to explore them all; okay? 

  1. Add the Anti-Climbing Spikes

I understand that it practically sounds dangerous, but the anti-climbing spikes are all designed to deter instead of getting you injured. 

You might have seen anti-climbing spikes in some of your neighbors’ houses. 

Well, that SIMPLE nothing more than an uncomfortable piece of metal that is spiked, too. The specialty that it holds is that it blocks a climber from getting onto a fence by fitting itself right across the top of a fence. 

Your property always remains in the safe hands if the fences around it have spikes. 

Guess how? 

Let me make you clearer; okay? 

Whenever any person with a bad will (because a person of the family will never do so); tries getting to the top of the fence, the spikes will give them hard time to get in and it may injure them.  As this sort of incident happens with any person, it discourages them from doing it again. 

Moreover, the other people hearing about this incident; despite their great will to climb onto the fence; don’t even dare to do so due to the fear of getting hurt. 

As a result, your property; may be a simple farm-house or a grand luxury bungalow; it becomes safe and protected. 

Despite the higher level of security given by the anti-climbing spikes, there are certain things that you need to be aware of. Make sure that you check if your local allows installing such spikes or not before you get your work done. 

Let me suggest a better idea in this context; okay? 

Well, it’s better that you ask the company that you hire; regarding what’s safe to use; to get your fences installed. 

2. Do Inspections Every Year 

The amount that you spend on your fences to get them installed in order to protect all your properties; means a lot to you. And thus, I’m damn sure that you’d always want the fences to last for as long as possible; right? 

Of course, yes. 

Well, if you really want to make sure that your fence lasts for its longest possible lifetime, you need to keep an active eye upon them. Just walk around your fence and look for any possible hidden damage. 

Let me tell you that there might be some possible damages within your fences that you can alter in in-order to improve your fencing. Guess what might they be. 

No idea? 

Mention not. Let me tell you; okay? 

Well, such damages that you can easily alter in-order to improve your fencing include the broken boards, tightening the screws, or sometimes even the hammer in the nails. 

Have a look at each and every section of your fence. Are all the sections attached well to one another? 

Let me aware of the fact that if you find either part of the fence leaning, remember to check all the posts if they are tightly in the ground or not. Remember that sometimes you may need to repair the posts, too, if they are in their bad condition. 

Moreover, you also need to pay attention to the hinges and the locks on your gates. Having this done, you can make sure if they are all fully secured and lined-up correctly or not. You can use grease as per the requirement if you need to. 

Are you thinking of using the pressure-treated wood for your fences? 

Let me tell you that such woods aren’t completely waterproof. Thus, you must act wisely while selecting the type of wood for your fences. 

On getting all these things inspected every year, I bet you can avoid your fences from bearing any further damage. Also, you can easily give your fence a completely new look, appearance, and quality. 

3. Clean Every 3-5 Years

If you have already installed a fence anywhere on either of your properties, you must always remember to take care of it to the best of your ability. Moreover, you need to make sure that it is cleaned from time-to-time on a regular basis. Let me tell you the great secret of cleaning; okay? 

Well, cleaning will help you wipe away all the dirt, mildew, moss, and any other graying matter that can possibly degrade the originality of your fencing. Moreover, you can use the UV-inhibiting coating that is completely water-repellant. On completing all these required repairs and alternations, remember to scrape-off every single moss or even the peeling paint until you see your wood again. 

Meanwhile, if you see any mold on your fence, just take a mixture of bleach and mild detergent in a 1:4 ratio. Wondering about what to do with the mixture; right? 

Don’t worry. It’s very very easy. Just spray it on the fence about an hour before washing. Having this done, you can easily ensure all the mold spores to be completely killed which will save you from experiencing such a problem again and again. 

4. Re-Seal or Paint Your Fence Once It is Cleaned

For a fence to be in its good condition, it’s very important that you get it re-sealed or painted completely once after it is cleaned. You might be wondering about what to use for sealing; right? 

Well, you don’t need to worry about that. You can simply use the exterior oil-based stain or even the latex paint. With either of these, you can easily decrease the amount of weathering of your wood. 

Moreover, you can also seal out the moisture from entering the wood and thereby prevent it from rotting. If you can avail of a stain or a sealant along with a UV-inhibitor, you can easily prevent the wood from turning grey. 

After you go through all these steps, the only work that you need to do is simply the wood dry for about a week before you apply a stain or a sealant onto the fence. Remember that this stain or sealant is thinner than paint. 

In the points given above, I’ve mentioned all the possible ideas & ways to improve the level of your fencing. Still, if you find something missing or worth to be included in this list, feel free to open up in the comment section. We will try my best to update this blog with all those points. 

Or simply contact us for a Free Quote and consultation for Fence Installation and Repair Service in Beverly Hills, CA.

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